Author: Adam Lee

Good to the Bone: Fighting Osteoporosis

Posted By: Adam Lee | October 06, 2016

From pumpkin spice lattes to yellow leaves swirling on the east wind coming down the Columbia River Gorge, fall is in the air. You can practically feel it in your bones. Speaking of bones, fall is also a great time to give some real thought to how you’re treating yours. Osteoporosis is a disease through […]

Seventh inning stretch, for players and spectators

Posted By: Adam Lee | July 06, 2016

Stretching is a simple way to improve blood flow throughout your body and avoid cramps, whether you’re warming up for your softball game or behind your desk updating spreadsheets. It’s also a good way to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and straighten out that poor posture. “Keeping your joints healthy is as simple as […]

Ease the pain for National Arthritis Month

Posted By: Adam Lee | May 17, 2016

When did walking around the block start to wear you out? Was it always this painful to bend down to tie your shoes? Once simple tasks can become daily challenges for people living with arthritis and joint pain. Addressing joint pain head-on this May for National Arthritis Month can help Portlanders get back to doing […]

Weekend Warrior Wellness

Posted By: Adam Lee | April 05, 2016

In the spring, we jump from our winter couches and throw ourselves into a fever of activities–it’s no wonder “weekend warriors” end up waking up sore and injured come Monday. Four Ways to Prevent a Painful Monday Warm Up Dynamically – Take your body through a progressively greater range of motion by using momentum of […]

When March Madness Brings Monday Injuries

Posted By: Adam Lee | March 18, 2016

Between the NCAA college basketball tournament, increasing sunlight and warming weather, March creates a certain madness in all of us. We jump from our winter couches and throw ourselves into a spring fever of activities—from shooting hoops and scoring home runs to digging up gardens and trimming trees. Because we often focus these activities in […]

Arthritis on Ice: Coping With Joint Pain in Winter

Posted By: Adam Lee | January 28, 2016

Lots of people think winter is a pain. But if you’re living with arthritis or other joint pain, that’s more than a joke. Winter weather can be a pain in the shoulders, wrists, knees—you name it! “Research has shown that changes in temperature and barometric pressure increase arthritis pain,” explains Dr. Christopher Estes, an orthopedic […]

From the Gridiron to the Operating Room – Podcast

Posted By: Adam Lee | November 08, 2015

One of the stars of our Aspire Orthopedic Institute also happens to be a former Ivy-League football player once drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Dr. Benjamin Balme is a surgeon with the program and was recently interviewed on the LivingWell Podcast. Listen below to hear about Dr. Balme’s unique background and how football and military […]

Nurse Navigators Provide the Face of Care

Posted By: Adam Lee | October 28, 2015

Patients and visitors who walk into any of the Adventist Health hospitals in the Pacific Northwest are greeted with warm, friendly smiles. But there are some patients who arrive in the early morning hours who are greeted not just with a helpful smile, but by the face of a friend. “I tell people that I’m […]



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